Webinar #2

Food Security

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Webinar #2

Food Security

Contextualizing food sovereignty and disaster response, equipping participants with tools and skills to independently prepare and access food amidst crisis.

Participants will: 

  1. Participants will define the relationship between food security and disaster response among Native Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders.  
  2. Participants will define the importance of kūpuna crops in building food security.
  3. Participants will identify food-based tools and skills to apply to clinical signs and symptoms of serious mental illness and substance misuse. 

Nā Mauna Kūpuna – Elder mountains honoring our beloved land. Kūpuna, ʻAumākua, and ʻĀina.

Nā Manu, Iʻo – Spirit, symbolized as bird forms, Divinity, of the highest heavens

Hāʻule ka lā

Hāʻule ka pō

Hāʻule ka lani

Hāʻule ka nīʻau

Hōʻale ka lepo pōpolo

The sun falls

The night falls

The heavens fall

The structure falls

The black soil billows

Translation provided by Kuʻulei Perreira-Keawekane:

Application: A call to dismember violent and non-resonant structures for the uprising of healing and truth. A call for radical healing. An acknowledgement of hardship and a catalyst to activate resilience.

ONE: Wai Wai Waikumu

ALL: Waikumu

ONE: Waikumu Kamane

ALL: Kamane

ONE: Kamane Kamao

ALL: Kamao

ONE: Mai Mwichuwich kirisitiw

ALL: Kirisitiw

ONE: Rekin iwa edumute

ALL: Edumute

ONE: Wai Wai Waikumu

ALL: Waikumu

Application: A call to the community to come together in one rhythm. 

Following the opening ceremony, Community Navigator Innocenta Sound-Kikku will present on the central topic and kūkākūkā about the webinar theme. Featuring Wayne Tanaka, JD, Executive Director of the Sierra Club. 

A presentation from Hawaii COSIG Project 2007 Co-occurring State Incentive Grant Project is presented by Dr. Dayna Schultz, Psy.D., LSW, CSAC island contextualized within the theme of disaster response.

Guest Speakers Spotlight

Kaʻiana Runnels

Kaʻiana Runnels is a mahiʻai from the mokupuni of Moku o Keawe, in the moku of Hilo, and the ahupuaʻa of Kīhālani. His passion is to collect, identify, document, cultivate, preserve, and spread the mea kanu of his kūpuna. His specific focus is on kalo, ʻawa, maiʻa, and kō. His ʻike stems from a variety of kūpuna and hoa. He first and foremost recognizes all those kūpuna who gave freely of their time and priceless naʻauao. Along with his kuleana to these mea kanu Hawaiʻi, he works full time as the Mahiʻāina Supervisor for The Kohala Center. He helps to educate ʻohana about food cultivation and the importance of ʻai pono in our everyday lives.

Mark “Gooch” Noguchi

Mark “Gooch” Noguchi cooks from an ‘āina-based perspective, connecting food to its source to build community. An approach he learned from hula Halau o Kekuhi, it’s defined his innovative restaurant offerings like Heʻeia Kea Pier, MISSION Social Hall & Cafe, and his current Pili Group, a non-traditional food concept interweaving community, education and food. A graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, 2019 Omidyar Fellow, Mark is now a Food & Sustainability Curriculum Specialist at Punahou School.

Wayne Tanaka

Wayne Chung Tanaka is the Executive Director of the Sierra Club of Hawaiʻi. He has authored and co-authored book chapters and essays on konohiki fishing rights, Papahānaumokuākea, nearshore fisheries management, indigenous food sovereignty, and the intersection of race and politics in Hawaiʻi, among other topics. Wayne received his law degree from the University of Hawaiʻi’s William S. Richardson School of Law and a B.S. in Engineering from Harvey Mudd College. Wayne served for just under a decade in the Public Policy Program at the Office of Hawaiian Affairs.

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